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In case we haven’t met, I’m ANSHUL, a technology consultant by profession and a personal finance enthusiast and blogger. Thank you for visiting the Salaried Class-DIY Personal Finance community. I’m glad you’re here.

Personal finance is the most ignored and misunderstood topic among middle class and especially salaried workers. A lot of folks whom I interact with daily do not seem to care about it. A few who care, associate it with different goals like being financially independent, retiring early, leaving jobs to become an entrepreneur or to follow their passion. My question to them is, can’t you be financially independent while working? Can’t you be an entrepreneur with or within your job? Can’t you follow your passion along with your job? Come on, humans are programmed to work!

For me, personal finance is much more than just achieving these goals, it’s a philosophy and way of life which can really have an impact on how we manage our money and what it can do in turn for us. All these goals would or can be a by-product of a well-managed financial life.

I hope that you’ll find interesting and useful articles on my blog with a unique take on personal finance from a DIY-Do It Yourself and salaried worker’s point of view.

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