Salaried Class and Personal Finance

If you happen to visit for the first time, thank you for your time and warm welcome! is an Indian personal finance blog which promotes DIY (Do It Yourself) method of personal finance management in salaried workers.

Salaried class is one of the critical components of India’s (or World’s) economic engine. We work hard day in day out and pay taxes to governments to enable growth, create employment in different sectors through consumption and drive a huge chunk of economic system. Yet when it comes to driving our own finances, many of us fail miserably. We are the most disciplined and industrious community, yet most of us can’t manage our own finances. Many of us from salaried class don’t go hand in hand with personal finance. Hence even when our salaries increase, we don’t become richer.

Financial Literacy

Personal finance is still not a topic which most salaried folks talk about during their tea breaks. We do talk about getting richer, but we don’t know how to do that. Everyone wants financial independence, but a few are financially literate to achieve that.

I see a lot of young professionals who recently started working in corporates and drawing handsome salaries, but still end up with either nothing or at the best some personal credit card debts at the month end! Then there are those who’ve been working since years, but never cared about managing money in early days of their career or took wrong financial decisions and now stuck in financial mess.

Lot of these people talk about how they want to quit their regular jobs, start their own business or become entrepreneurs to earn more money and improve their financial health. But is it the only way and is it everyone’s cup of tea? If you can do that, great! If not, there is still another way to a great financial life and that is to be financially literate and just know how to manage money.

Where to start?

If this is the question that comes to your mind when you think about personal finance management, you’ve come to right place. I too was overwhelmed when I first started trying to understand the nuisances of personal finance, money management and investing, and that’s what has led me to starting this blog!

The purpose of this blog is to spread financial literacy in salaried workers and encourage them to use DIY. I’ll talk about personal finance philosophy and financial instruments, all from a salaried worker’s point of view. Most of the content on this blog would be posted keeping in mind the novice reader! So that even if you are the youngest kid on the block, about to get your very first salary, you can still understand and implement it in your day to day life and start a journey towards well managed financial life.

Your feedback, comments and questions are most welcome!