About Me

Hey there! I’m ANSHUL, a technology consultant by profession and a personal finance enthusiast and blogger.

My First Lesson in Personal Finance

When I was a kid, my mom often used to send me to bank for depositing or withdrawing money. She used to tell me that banks pay an interest on savings. I always wondered if banks can pay interest on money kept in a savings account, why can’t we put all money there and become rich (so naïve of me)? After all, the money is growing without any effort! I couldn’t find the answer back then and rued why subject of money is not taught in schools.

One fine day when my mom sent me to deposit a saving of Rs.2,000 in her bank account, I decided to ask the cashier, why does bank pay interest on money that is just sitting idle in an account? The old lady smiled and said – “The 2000 rupees that you deposit today, will not have same value after 5 or 10 years from now, it won’t buy you same things tomorrow that it does today. Bank is not giving you any freebies; money’s value decreases with time and bank is just compensating you for that decreased value!” This was my first lesson in personal finance, more specifically inflation, thanks to the old lady!

Today I’m amazed to see that lot of my colleagues and friends still don’t understand inflation. They do not understand personal finance, financial literacy and simple concepts about money. A few who understand, don’t find them important. This is what precisely has led me to starting this blog.

Why this Blog

My purpose is to encourage salaried folks to understand personal finance and what difference it can make in their lives. As I’m a strong believer of the DIY-Do It Yourself school of thought, I would also talk a lot about DIY way of managing one’s financial life. I would write about personal finance, saving and investing, money management and various financial instruments from my own experiences as a salaried worker, and all that you need to know to implement these yourself from scratch!

Have a healthy financial life! Cheers!